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The Artisan Room, Central House, Central Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 4NU

Thursdays from 7.40pm

Please email us  or telephone 01795 521423

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To view the English Chess Federation League Management System, which shows all of the Kent County Chess Association fixtures results, league tables etc: ecflms.org.uk

KCCA Leagues Update 15/02/19

A mixed week for Swale Chess Club in the KCCA Leagues, as Swale Harvey team had a great win at Cranbrook (Weald of Kent) on Monday, beating the home team 1.5–4.5. Unfortunately Swale Stevenson team suffered a heavy loss on Wednesday evening losing 5.5–0.5 to a very strong Maidstone team.

Swale Championship Results 14/02/19

A revised draw to accommodate changes due to late withdrawals produced the following results:

Duncan 0–1 David

Kevin 1–0 Keith H

Rufus 0–1 Tyrone

Andrew 1–0 Barry

An outstanding result by Kevin who beat the league leader Keith H.

The updated League Table including the above results now stands at:

01) PAGE P12 W7 D3 L2 GP8.5

02) HYDE P12 W6 D4 L2 GP8.0

03) GILLARD P11 W6 D3 L2 GP7.5

04) NEVOLS P11 W4 D6 L1 GP7.0

05) WOOLACOTT P9 W6 D0 L3 GP6.0

06) GEDMINAS P10 W3 D4 L3 GP5.0

07) SIMPSON P7 W3 D3 L1 GP4.5

08) JEFFERIES P9 W4 D1 L4 GP4.5

09) FRENCH P13 W3 D3 L7 GP4.5

10) FLETCHER P7 W3 D0 L4 GP3.0

11) SAWYER P11 W2 D1 L8 GP2.5

12) MARSH P7 W1 D1 L5 GP1.5

13) LAMB P3 W1 D1 L1 GP1.5


15) LIUBERSKIS P3 W1 D0 L2 GP1.0

16) EDWARDS P6 W0 D1 L5 GP0.5

17) HONEY P2 W0 D1 L1 GP0.5

18) STEFANKO P0 W0 D0 L0 GP0.0

Match report 12/02/19

Swale beat Weald of Kent 4.5–1.5 in their KCCA Harvey match yesterday evening which puts the team in second place in the table with one match to play.

Update 08/02/19

Swale lost both their KCCA matches to Tunbridge Wells this week by the same score, 1.5–4.5, in the En Passant and Stevenson Leagues.

Results in last night's Championship games were:

Kevin 0–1 Louis

Tyrone 1–0 Barry

Andrew 1–0 Duncan

Swale Championship League Table as at 07/02/19:

01) HYDE P11 W6 D4 L1 GP8.0

02) PAGE P11 W6 D3 L2 GP7.5

03) NEVOLS P11 W4 D6 L1 GP7.0

04) GILLARD P10 W5 D3 L2 GP6.5

05) WOOLACOTT P09 W6 D0 L3 GP6.0

06) GEDMINAS P10 W3 D4 L3 GP5.0

07) SIMPSON P07 W3 D3 L1 GP4.5

08) JEFFERIES P08 W3 D1 L4 GP3.5

09) FRENCH P12 W2 D3 L7 GP3.5

10) FLETCHER P07 W3 D0 L4 GP3.0

11) SAWYER P10 W2 D1 L7 GP2.5

12) MARSH P06 W1 D1 L4 GP1.5

13) LAMB P03 W1 D1 L1 GP1.5

14) CHAMBERLAIN P01 W1 D0 L0 GP1.0

15) LIUBERSKIS P03 W1 D0 L2 GP0.5

16) EDWARDS P05 W0 D0 L4 GP0.5

17) HONEY P02 W0 D1 L1 GP0.5

Showcase: A strong finish! 02/02/19

Club member Vytautas delivers a strong finish as White in a recent KCCA match:

Play online chess

Updated League Table as at 31/01/19

01) HYDE P11 W6 D4 L1 GP8.0

02) PAGE P11 W6 D3 L2 GP7.5

03) NEVOLS P11 W4 D6 L1 GP7.0

04) WOOLACOTT P9 W6 D0 L3 GP6.0

05) GILLARD P9 W4 D3 L2 GP5.5

06) GEDMINAS P10 W3 D4 L3 GP5.0

07) SIMPSON P7 W3 D3 L1 GP4.5

08) FRENCH P11 W2 D3 L6 GP3.5

09) FLETCHER P7 W3 D0 L4 GP3.0

10) JEFFERIES P7 W2 D1 L4 GP2.5

11) SAWYER P9 W2 D1 L6 GP2.5

12) MARSH P5 W1 D1 L3 GP1.5

13) LAMB P3 W1 D1 L1 GP1.5

14) LIUBERSKIS P3 W1 D0 L2 GP1.0

15) EDWARDS P5 W0 D1 L4 GP0.5

16) HONEY P2 W0 D1 L1 GP0.5

KCCA Harvey League Match: Swale3 1.5–4.5 Snodland1 25/01/19

A disappointing night at the club last night as our KCCA Harvey team were 'thumped' by league leaders Snodland 1.5–4.5. This defeat has put the club in fourth position in the league with two matches to play.

KCCA Harvey team 11/01/19

Swale's first KCCA match of 2019 ended with a win in favour of Swale. Swale Harvey team beat Rainham, on Wednesday 9 January 2019, 3.5–2.5, with wins by Keith N, Rob and Vytautas, added to Anthony's important draw to secure the victory.

Swale Championship Update 11/01/19

Results from last night's games including impressive debut games by Aurimas and Robert:

Rob 0–1 Keith H

Rufus 0–1 David

Aurimas 1–0 Barry

Vytautas 1–0 Kevin

Robert 0.5 Keith N

Welcome to our new venue 04/01/19

Welcome to 2019 playing at the club's new venue at the Avenue Theatre.

The results from the Swale Championship games played last night are:

Dennis 0.5 Keith N

Keith H 0.5 David

Tyrone 0–1 Rob

Vytautas 0–1 Andrew

Anthony 1–0 Kevin

Rufus 0–1 Barry

Swale Xmas 212 07/12/18

Thank you to everyone who participated in last night's Swale Xmas 212 Blitz Tournament. The tournament was a grand finale for the club's last night at the Appleyard (Swale Chess Club will be playing their chess at their new venue in 2019).

The 212 was the biggest I have organised with sixteen participants playing seven games, and four players Trefor; Keith N; Keith H and Chris progressing to semi-final and final play-off games playing at reduced time limits. There was no overall winner as both Keiths (Hyde and Nevols) drew their game in the Final and there was no time to play a decider, so the prize was shared. Many thanks to guest players: Aurimas, Chris, Peter and Trefor for joining us in the event.

KCCA Fuller League 06/12/18

Earlier in the week on Monday 3 December 2018, Swale scored another win in the KCCA Fuller League beating Medway 1.5–2.5 and rising to third position in the league.

KCCA Fuller League: Swale4 2.5–1.5 Weald of Kent3 30/11/18

An accident on the A249 gave Swale a hollow 2.5–1.5 victory against WOK in the Fuller League. WOK's board one was unable to arrive at the board before the default time of 20.15 hours due to being held up in the traffic jam on the M2 and A2, made worse by the A249 being shut down. However, the highlight of the evening was the victory for Swale on board four for new member Robert Lamb who scored his first victory for the club.

KCCA Harvey League: Tunbridge Wells4 3–3 Swale3 30/11/18

Earlier in the week, Swale's Harvey team had travelled to Tunbridge Wells on a wet and very dark November evening and scored an excellent 3–3 draw which keeps the team mid-table in the league.

Swale Championship Update 28/11/18

Swale Championship results from games played Thursday 22 November 2018:

Andrew 0–1 Rob

David 0.5 Keith N

Keith H 0.5 Vytautas

Anthony P–P Kevin

Updated Swale Championship league table 28/11/18

League Table

KCCA En Passant League 26/11/18

Swale EP team end their first half of the season top of the league with a dramatic 3–3 draw at Rainham on Wednesday evening, continuing their unbeaten run of four matches.

Starting the match 1–0 down against Rainham (having to default board 6) then falling further behind 2–0 with a loss on board 5, Swale fought back with draws on boards 1 and 2 followed by wins on boards 3 and 4 to earn the 3–3 draw.

The current Mid EP league table standings are:

1) Swale2............P5 W2 D2 L1 15–15 GP6

2) Hastings3.......P4 W2 D1 L1 16–08 GP5

3) Maidstone3....P3 W2 D0 L1 11–07 GP4

4) Rainham3.......P2 W0 D1 L1 04–08 GP1

5) Tun Wells3.....P2 W0 D0 L2 02–10 GP0

Swale performances so far:

Oct 10...Maidstone 4.5–1.5 Swale

Nov 04..Hastings 2.5–3.5 Swale

Nov 08..Swale 3–3 Hastings

Nov 15..Swale 4–2 Maidstone

Nov 21..Rainham 3–3 Swale

In 2019, Swale will be playing Tunbridge Wells twice, and have the home match against Rainham to come.

KCCA Fuller League 16/11/18

Swale Chess Club experienced contrasting consecutive evenings this week. Swale Fuller team were unlucky to start their away match at Maidstone on Wednesday a player short due to illness, and could not afford to lose another board. However, despite great efforts from David and Tyrone playing on boards one and two respectively, scoring one and half points between them, Anthony succumbed and lost on the tail board and the match ended 2.5–1.5 in favour of Maidstone.

KCCA En Passant League 16/11/18

By coincidence Swale were playing Maidstone again the following evening in the En Passant League and a very different story emerged with Swale achieving their second victory in this league beating Maidstone 4–2.

Wins by Keith N, David, Dennis and Vytautas were enough to win the match.

Swale EP to date have played four matches, winning two, drawing one, and losing one:

Maidstone3 4.5–1.5 Swale2

Hastings3 2.5–3.5 Swale2

Swale2 3–3 Hastings3

Swale2 4–2 Maidstone3

KCCA En Passant League 09/11/18

With Swale and Hastings EP teams meeting each other again within the space of four days and equally matched in team mean grade, it was no surprise that the match score ended with honours even in a 3–3 draw.

Losses on Swale's top boards meant Swale's lower four boards were left to get results, and they didn't disappoint. Great wins with the white pieces from Dennis and Vytautas, whilst David and Tyrone drew their games with black securing the 3–3 draw.

The result means that Swale's EP team are well placed after three matches with one win, one draw and one loss, and they get to do it all again next Thursday, 15 November 2018, against Maidstone, and the following week on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 against Rainham.

KCCA En Passant Match Result 5 November 2018

Hastings3 2.5–3.5 Swale2

Swale En Passant team scored an excellent victory yesterday in an away match at Hastings winning 2.5–3.5. Wins by both Keiths and Vytautas combined with Andrew's draw secured the win. Rob and Tyrone playing against much higher graded opposition both lost their games. Previously Hastings EP team had 'thumped' Tunbridge Wells 5.5–0.5 and Rainham 5–1 in their opening two matches, so this was a great result for Swale, with some seasonal fireworks along the way:

Position from Andrew's game—as black to play.


Updated league table 03/11/18

Swale Championship league table 03/11/18:

League Table

Thursday 25/10/18

Another great night at the club which saw Swale's Fuller team score their first victory of the 2018–19 season beating Hastings 2.5–1.5, and shock results in the Swale Championship.

The results were:


Swale4 2.5–1.5 Hastings5 25/10/18

Bd1..141w..PAGE 1–0 WOODHAMS 129

Bd2..116b..GEDMINAS 1–0 FLETCHER 60*

Bd3..095w..FRENCH 0.5 JOZWIAK 82

Bd4..086b..FLETCHER 0–1 TOURNIER 79



Swale Championship 25/10/18

Tyrone 1–0 Keith H

Keith N 0–1 Rob

Duncan 0–1 Dennis

Stuart 0.5 Barry

Updated league table 26/10/18

Swale Championship league table 26/10/18:

League Table

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