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Swale Chess Club meets weekly and caters for chess enthusiasts, from novice to expert.

 We are at the UKP Leisure Club in Sittingbourne ( ME10 4DE ) on Thursdays from 7.40pm

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Swale 3 go top of the Tom Fuller League 19/01/18

The 18th of January saw Swale host a double Kent League fixture. The first team were playing Maidstone whilst the third team took on Snodland. The evening started badly for the Thirds with our board two being a no show and us being one-nil down after fifteen minutes due to the default. We were however back level after an hour or so when Anthony won against a much lower graded opponent after a combination of a trapped Bishop and Knight fork left the Snodland player a Rook and two pawns down. A bishop sacrifice resulted in a win in 20 moves for Swale's bottom board.

Andrew on Board three appeared to quickly go ahead as when I first looked Snodland's Queen had disappeared from the board. Typical aggressive play from Andrew on the Queen's side with his Queen and Bishop resulted in an early resignation. Two-one up and and at worst a drawn match!

It looked like draw was going to be the result as Vytautas had gone behind early in his board one game against a higher graded player. However, as the game went on he pulled the deficit back and suddenly he was ahead going into the endgame, but running out of time. With a Bishop and two doubled h pawns against a lone King a draw was agreed with seconds left on Vytautas' clock and Swale had taken the full match point.

Swale 3 had gone joint top of the Tom Fuller league with two games in hand on Maidstone 5 and a game in hand on Weald of Kent (who we play next) with all three teams on five points.

In our three matches we have used seven different players. Top performers so far are Dennis Simpson and Tyrone Jefferies with 100% (from one game each) and David Page and Andrew Gillard with 75% (from two games each). I am the only player to lose a match over the board so far (and I should have won that). Sorry Guys!

A mixed evening at the club 18/01/18

A mixed evening at the club as we had two Swale teams in action. One lost and the other won. Swale Fuller team had a board defaulted and recovered very well to beat Snodland 2.5-1.5. It was Swale En Passant team's first match this season and they narrowly lost to Maidstone 2.5-3.5. Full details are on the website: ecflms.org.uk

Notes to game:

Move 6..dxc3 maintaining queenside pawns rather than bxc3 leaving isolated a pawn. It also meant both queens were facing each other.

Move 9..attacking knight to double pawns on c file and isolated a pawn.

Move 11..black could have repeated moves and agreed a draw, however by playing ...Bd7 weakened the kingside pawns as white could now play 12) Bd5! threatening loss of the f7 pawn.

Move 13..Ke1 necessary to avoid discovered check and pinning white's bishop.

Move 13 gives black a dilemma. Saving the f7 pawn allow the knight fork on both rooks. ...Be8 loses the pawn.

Move 15...Rhxe8? prefer ...Rdxe8 preventing Nxh7.

Move 16..Ne6! threatens black's rook and loss of a second pawn and ultimately the loss of the game.

White with both queens off the board, with two pawns advantage, as well as connected pawns on both wings and kingside pawn majority simply has to exchange pieces for a winning end game.

Move 17..R8d8 protecting the rook and threatening mate is dealt with by 18) Be3.

Move 20) h4 with the idea of exchanging bishops.

Move 23) Rd1 beginning the process of exchanging pieces.

Move 26..Nd6 favours white as able to exchange with check.

Move 28) Bg5! threatens the loss of the h5 pawn if black decides to exchange bishops.

Move 29) e4 blocks black's e5 pawn and keeps the pawn on a dark square, whilst allowing activity for white's king to move and free up the rook.

Move 30...Kd7 allows the rooks to be exchanged as met by 31) Rd1.

Move 33) Bf6 threatens the e5 pawn. Black plays ...a5 and black's e5 pawn is doomed, and white can advance both connected e and f pawns supported by the king on the white squares and threats on black's weak queenside pawns.

Move 43) Kd5 and the end is near.

Updated league table 11/01/18

Swale Championship league table:

  League Table

Swale Chess Club Re-opened on January 4th 2018

Swale Harvey team started 2018 with a great win against Weald of Kent winning 4-2. Swale Harvey team lead the table and remain unbeaten from their first four matches, scoring three wins and one draw.

Swale Championship league table:

  League Table

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